What is Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for hose and fittings?

Boilers, pressure vessels and fittings that operate at a pressure greater than 15 pounds per square inch (PSI) or greater are eligible for a Canadian Registration Number (CRN). These numbers are issued by authorized safety authorities in each province and territory in Canada. Depending on the industry regulations that your company abides by, you may require CRN numbers in order to legally install and operate your hose and fittings.

The province issuing the CRN is identified within the number by the first digit after the decimal (see table below). If there are multiple numbers after the decimal, they indicate the provinces/territories where the product has been registered for use in that region, and they are listed in chronological order. For example, a product with the CRN 0H4512.26 has been registered for safe use in Alberta and subsequently, in Quebec. Finally, a product may also be registered for use across the country and that would be denoted by the letter C after the decimal. Using the above example, if the product was planned for use in multiple provinces, it would more likely be registered as 0H4512.2C.

CRN by Province / Territory
1 = British Columbia8 = Nova Scotia
2 = Alberta9 = Prince Edward Island
3 = Saskatchewan0 = Newfoundland
4 = ManitobaN = Nunavut
5 = OntarioT = Northwest Territories
6 = QuebecY = Yukon Territory
7 = New BrunswickC = Canada

Information on manufacturers that use CRNs, applicable products, and existing CRNs, as well as how to get a CRN listed can be found at the national website: http://crnnumber.com/.

Hose Canada only provides CRNs for large orders (minimum of $15K). Please communicate with us directly for any questions regarding this issue.