Save time and moneyby asking the good questions: powerful educational device (STAMPED).

When buying hose and/or fittings, it might be tempting to go with the first or cheapest solution. However, taking the time to find the right hose or fitting is really worth the extra effort. Buying the wrong part can result in costly issues such as quicker deterioration, ineffective transfer of material, or much worse, such as breaking down machines or physical injuries to those manipulating the equipment. Hose Canada always has people standing by to help you with making the right selection and offers powerfull research filters on the Shop page. There is also a simple mnemonic aid (acronym) to support you in choosing the right supplies: STAMPED.

  • Size
  • Temperature
  • Application
  • Material
  • Pressure
  • Ends
  • Delivery

Considering the maximum capacity in each of these categories will help to ensure a safe and efficient distribution or extraction of whatever material you use. We begin going into greater depth here with the first two categories.


This is the most obvious of all the categories. The dimensions that interest us include the inside diameter (ID) of the hose, the overall length (OAL) of the hose, and on occasion the outside diameter (OD) is also relevant, such as for a hose that is placed inside a pump or another sort of equipment that has a tight design.


At what temperature is the material being transferred? You do not want your hose melting away because of the heat! Are there any external temperatures that need to be considered, for example exposure to our freezing Canadian winters? It is also worth noting that temperatures can impact the working pressure of a hose – when the temperature increases, the recommended working pressure decreases (working pressures are stated at room temperature). One should not operate a hose towards the capacity of its recommended working pressure while or near its maximum temperature range.

Our following article will explore the remaining five categories of STAMPED. Stay tuned!